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PVC | Polyester | Wood


Thermoplastic (PVC) cabinets have the appearance of wood at a lower cost. They are made of a PVC membrane moulded by heat onto an MDF panel. With their PVC finish and the strength of MDF, they are easily cared for and shock resistant.


Polyester doors are made of polyester covered battens and a center laminate panel. Polyester is remarkably easy to coordinate with laminates. It is also easy to care for, has heightened heat resistance, and is assembled in 5 sections, making the door look like wood. We offer a large choice of colours.


Wooden Cabinets

Wood is suitable for every style of kitchen, from country elegant to refined contemporary. What would you choose? A kitchen adorned with corbels, appliques and gingerbread? Or do you prefer clean lines?


Wooden doors are usually made in 5 sections. Their centre panel may be solid wood or a veneer, depending on the desired effect and budget. The “Eco” series offers doors with a solid wood centre panel that is thinner than the regular panel. It provides the aesthetic benefits and strength of the regular solid wood panel while optimizing the use of natural resources by reducing the amount of wood required to manufacture this line of doors.


The choice of wood species has an impact on the appearance of your kitchen. You will be able to find the right species for you in the variety offered at elegant kitchen and cabinet: pale woods with faint graining like maple and birch; pale woods with more pronounced graining like ash and oak; pine, rustic wood at its very best; woods rich in subtlety, like cherry and walnut; and last but not least, the newest arrival, bamboo.
We also have roasted birch, which has been heated to extract moisture, just like the process for roasting coffee beans. This produces a darker wood with marked colour variations.

Stains and Varnishes

We have a wide selection of stains to help you personalize your project. Do you want a colour that is yours alone? Just ask your kitchen designer.
The stains are protected by a clear acrylic varnish that is hardwearing and stays transparent.

Characteristics of the Wood

Just like every person in the world, every tree is unique. Over time, it develops its own characteristics. Minerals and other elements are absorbed by the tree, depositing traces unique to each kind of wood. What is more, boards from the core sometimes have a different tint than boards from the outer layers, creating a natural colour variation. It’s these characteristics that make your wooden cabinets unique!